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The Hi280 Narrow Aisle Shelving system is well-suited for your 24hr operation. Compared to forklift handling, this is your narrow-aisle solution that works with automated cranes to optimize storage space and picking efficiency.

Narrow-aisle shelving systems demand a very high degree of accuracy and high stability. Hi280 fulfills these demands and can be installed in heights up to 590 inches and depths from 12–39 inches. The most common depths are 16 or 20 inches, depending on the dimensions and design of load-bearing trays and boxes. The length of installation is virtually unlimited.

Eliminating the need for cross-bracing also maximizes storage for its depth. It's a solution manufactured from pre-galvanized steel, resulting in a high, consistent quality and with a focus on using a minimum number of components as possible.


  • Depth: 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 32”, 39” inches
  • Length: 35”, 39”, 50”, 59”, 70”, 78”, 88”, 98” inches
  • Height: 39”, 63”, 82”, 98”,118”, 181” inches


  • 165 lbs to 881 lbs UDL per shelf

Finish: Frames and shelving manufactured in pre-galvanized steel.