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If you operate a small parts storage or picking area, our products for small part storage and handling provide you with a unique combination of performance, security and economy.

From standard shelving and plastic storage bins to machinery, we can offer comprehensive solutions for shelving, carton flow, machinery, or sign and marking systems.

All are ideal ways for you to store, organize and identify small parts when handling component storage in your warehouse and picking areas.

Standard Shelving

Standard ShelvingThe Hi280 shelving system

  • The most flexible and versatile storage system for small part handling
  • Equally suited for standalone and manually-served picking areas and fully-automated central stores
  • Build as a traditional shelving system, or as a high rise installation with floors between levels

Mobile Shelving

Small Parts Storage Solutions - Mobile Shelving

Hi280 shelving offers further versatility when combined with mobile bases.

  • Optimal compact storage solution
  • Use it for small-parts handling and archive-storage
  • Very secure – can be locked together with codes entrusted to a single person

Carton Flow

  • Built either as stationary units or supplied with lockable wheels
  • Modular system for fast and simple changes in your warehouse layout
  • Loading and unloading separated into different aisles
  • No interruption to picking
  • Adjustable racks for many sizes and weights of packages

Carton Flow








Plastic Storage Bins/Containers

Warehouse, workshop, stores facility, van or office, Maxi bins are perfect for the storage of small items.

Maxi bins can be:

Small Parts Storage Solutions - Maxi Bins

  • Stacked on top of each
  • Part of an integrated storage system
  • Hung from a range of louvred panels that can be rack or wall mounted.
  • Used on shelves to hold those small parts that would otherwise be difficult to store in conventional racking
  • Used within a picking operation to transport parts to or from your assembly area

Manufactured from high-grade polypropylene, water and oil resistant, easy to scan, extremely durable, and designed to stand up to constant use in a demanding work environment.

  • Quick fit lock-in dividers are available to segment larger bins
  • Sizes range from 0.4 litres – 21 litres in capacity
  • Available in four different primary colours; Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

Storage Machines

Highly efficient picking & packing; fast provision of small parts; quick delivery of your ordered goods – it’s all possible with Dexion’s dynamic storage and retrieval machine Systems.

Storage MachinesThe ultra-fast TORNADO storage machine 

  • Custom-designed to suit your individual requirements
  • Designed to maximize the height of your existing building
  • Stand on small footprints

Did you know?
More than two-thirds of operators’ time is spent retrieving and transporting stored goods. Ensuring highly-efficient warehousing, therefore, provides you with a major competitive advantage and means you can:

  • Store small parts, bulky goods and large items
  • Save up to 70% floor space whilst providing the same storage capacity
  • Use a lift between different warehouse levels and/or floors with multiple access openings
  • Guarantee fast, efficient and accurate order performance
  • Reduce manual transport routes
  • Minimize search times and avoid picking errors
  • Shorten operator training times
  • Minimize order throughput times