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Garden Trade plans for expansion with expert guidance from Dexion

Case Study Overview

Customer: Garden Trade
Location: Belgium
Products/Services used: Mobile Pallet Packing (MOVO).

Business need

Garden Trade has experienced significant growth since it was established in 1998; this growth leading them to open a third warehouse so increasing business demands could be met. Before developing the third warehouse, Garden Trade took the strategic decision to future-proof its warehousing to negate the need for a fourth warehouse in a few short years.

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Dexion solution

Garden Trade consulted with Dexion, as they recognised that they had the expertise and experience in shaping future warehousing.

Dexion offered a solution that included preparation for future growth – to install rails for high-density Mobile Pallet Racking that would not be needed for some years to come. In the meantime, standard Pallet-Racking was erected in the new warehouse to provide additional storage for the company.

Four years after the initial implementation, Garden Trade required more storage space after continued expansion. Dexion returned and began converting the static racking into Mobile Pallet Packing; reusing the original racking and adding new and placing it on mobile bases (MOVO), where necessary.

The work was carried out in three phases, with very little disruption to the day-to-day storage and picking of goods. Once having been commissioned, the installation doubled Garden Trade’s storage capacity within the same warehouse.

Benefit of the Dexion solution:

  • Future-proofed solution, which Dexion was able to return to and implement when Garden Trade's capacity had grown sufficiently.
  • Cost-efficient and speedy implementation.
  • Full use of vertical space in warehouses.
  • Guaranteed fast, efficient and accurate order performance across all product lines.
  • No interruption to existing high-volume business while expansion took place at the same site.
  • Achieved maximum storage capacity within the building.

garden trade beThe result

A growing business like Garden Trade needs to be able to expand in a managed way. By partnering with Dexion, it has been able to plan for growth which has been as seamless as possible, while ensuring ongoing customers' demands are still met.

About Garden Trade

Garden Trade is a market leader of fencing products in Belgium. Generating a turnover
of EUR 12 million from sales within Belgium, and supplying countries across Europe and