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Dexion's ergonomic packing tables and conveyor-lanes boost efficiency for Fenix Outdoor

Fenix Outdoor, The Netherlands

Name: Fenix Outdoor
Location: Almere, The Netherlands
Products: Workbenches and packing tables (including conveyor and HI280 components)

Business needFenix Outdoor - Conveyor

Fenix Outdoor Logistics, based in Almere, is the Central European warehouse for Fjällräven. They store and dispatch items designed for outdoor life, such as clothes, backpacks and tents.

With an ever-increasing quantity of orders, it became clear that Fenix Outdoor's small packing department just couldn't cope with the growing demand. A new wrapping department was needed. One with partial mechanization, a greater focus on ergonomics, and which provided a clear flow direction.

Dexion solution

Dexion's solution delivered packing tables made up of leg-brush components (type HI280). The tops provide beautiful, ergonomic work surfaces and integrated weighing scales, while the shelving and frames, built as a shelter rack, are placed underneath to create additional storage on the same footprint.

Fenix Outdoor - ConveyorThe process of filling boxes has been ergonomically improved thanks to a lower blade, while packing tables located on both sides of the conveyor track, boost efficiency. Shipping boxes are automatically weighed before heading through to the expedition area where they are shipped.

Dexion installed 9 workbenches and 18 packing tables throughout the warehouse.

The Result

''We chose Dexion as we trusted them to consider carefully the options available and professionally implement the process in order to boost efficiencies – which they did absolutely." - Ronald Been, Operations Manager Fenix Outdoor.

About Fenix Outdoor

Fenix Outdoor is an internationally active group focused on products for nature and outdoor life. Their goal is to be a global player in the development and sale of equipment and clothing for an active outdoor life.