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Third-Party Logistics Provider

Third-Party Logistics Provider, Vaughn, Canada

Customer: leading provider of third party logistics (3PL)
Location: Vaughn, Ontario
Products/services used: single selective system for palletized loads and oversized loads

A leading third-party logistics (3PL) company in Vaughn, Canada, recently reached out to Dexion North America to help develop and implement a reliable and efficient food grade storage system for a new client. Modernizing and optimizing warehouse operations and racking is an increasingly fundamental initiative in the food production and distribution industries, as apart from improving efficiency and reducing costs, it can also safeguard the quality and longevity of food products (and ultimately the health of consumers). 

single selective system for palletized loads and oversized loadsWorking under a tight deadline, Dexion set out to design, engineer, manufacture, supply and commission a new system, which would streamline overall operations, increase storage flexibility, and improve the safety of employees and products. 

With that in mind, Dexion set out to work, undertaking and securing the necessary permit documents and applications. The team developed a single selective system for palletized loads and oversized loads, which provide a number of safety features, including: yellow safety load beams to highlight tunnels for operators, wire mesh decks for all pick levels, safety bars for elevated levels, end of row protection at tunnel and row ends, and a front post protector to increase visibility. 

To ensure the system was suitable for use in food grade applications, Dexion used high grade steel and pre-galvanized uprights that are designed to withstand cooler, freezer, and other challenging ambient conditions. The system also includes standard baseplates to assist with post-load dispersion, as well as Hilti Kwik Hus anchors to allow for easy reconfiguration in the future.

In just under 8 weeks, Dexion provided a new, efficient and reliable system, maximizing the use of available space, reducing the time and labor required to handle and store products, and improving overall operational efficiency and employee safety.single selective system for palletized loads and oversized loads 

About Dexion North America

We work with our customers through the complete lifecycle of their storage needs, from initial planning, through to installation and ongoing service and support. Dexion North America is committed to developing storage solutions that help our customers work quicker and more efficiently while becoming more profitable. 

For this project, we provided our expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, project management, permit application filing, and post-project services. 

Can Dexion North America help you with your warehouse automation and storage space issues?