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Dely freezes in with Dexion

Customer: Dely Waffles
Location: Estaimpuis, Belgium
Products / Services used: P90 pallet racking, P90 MOVO

Dely WafflesDELY Waffles is a third generation family business founded in 2001 by Davy Van Poucke and Ellen Tournois under its current form. Over the years, the company has grown into a recognized company with a global customer base.


In 2009 DELY Waffles moved from Eeklo to Mouscron. A large fire, at the end of 2018, meant the construction of a new building was quickly required. In order to guarantee the current (and future) growth, Davy and Ellen wanted to ensure forward thinking with the design of the new building.

For example, the building itself not only offers space for additional production lines, but the freezer, used for storing pallets with finished goods, is also equipped with an overcapacity. This ensures that Dely Waffles can react immediately when recruiting new large customers or additional market demand.


In consultation with the architectural firm, Dexion has created a very efficient design for the layout of the warehouse.

To meet the growth potential, several spaces in the building were equipped with pallet racks. The pallet racks provide a storage capacity of up to 1,233 pallets and are fully equipped with all necessary protections and accessories – including collision protections to protect the racks from collision damage, as well as vertical pallet stops to avoid pushing through pallets.

Dely WafflesThe 800 m2 freezer was furnished with mobile pallet racks (MOVO) for the storage of frozen waffles. Mobile pallet racks are pallet racks on cars that can drive back and forth, meaning that only one aisle is required for this warehouse solution. This almost doubles storage capacity in the freezer.

The pallet racks have been galvanised, ensuring that no corrosion can occur. The mobile pallet racks are equipped with a P&D station (Pick & Deposit), which creates additional pallet pitches, as well as increased safetey features such as light barrier sensors, which allow the system to track whether a forklift or person is in the aisle before any movement is made.

With these solutions in place, Dely Waffles now has room for more than 2500 pallets in the freezer alone.

Dely WafflesResults

Dely Waffles has been fully operational since the beginning of 2020 and can now face the future with peace of mind, thanks to the carefully considered solutions provided by the Dexion team.

"During our search for a suitable storage system for our new freezer and warehouses, we ended up at Dexion. The Dexion team were friendly and helpful - getting in contact was quick and easy, which was very welcome considering the short time span we had available! From the beginning of the project we were insured of “High-quality solutions and high-quality materials”, and it has definitely been so. In case of any questions or comments, the representatives or technicians are also immediately ready for help or advice" says Davy Van Poucke and Ellen Tournois - managers of Dely Waffles.

About the customer

A large fire sadly destroyed the whole production site in Mouscron, forcing a move to an alternative location. DELY Waffles opted for a new building in Estaimpuis to fulfil its role as a modern front-runner within the waffle industry in the coming decades. Dely Waffles is a producer of the well-known Brussels waffles, which are available in various sizes.