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Looking for safe and organized storage of your long and heavy goods? Our long-storage solutions are the perfect fit for your precise requirements. 

Our range of long and heavy goods storage systems is perfect for storing:

  • steel bars
  • pipes
  • tubes
  • furniture
  • packs of timber

Some are also suitable for storing:

  • boards
  • metal sheets
  • large and valuable items such as crates and boxes
  • white goods


Long products - CantileverWith no front uprights getting in the way of placing and retrieving loads, all levels are available to forklifts. The versatility of our Cantilever racking system makes it ideal for all types of work environments, such as:

  • handcrafting
  • mass production
  • D.I.Y stores
  • retail distributors


  • Available in both single- and double-sided configurations
  • Provides maximum storage capacity on a single, central column
  • Single-sided rack fits flush against a wall
  • Modular system allows for customization as your requirements change


Rollrack long-product storage is the only effective storage solution for certain kinds of long goods.

  • Designed as a honeycomb rack
  • Uses vertical dividing beams to create a pigeon-hole bay
  • Longitudinal fixed rails and cradles facilitate product movement
  • Easy insertion of long goods such as profiles, pipes and mouldings
  • Four different module sizes

Long Goods - Rollrack








Longspan Shelving

The Longspan system incorporates a wide range of frame and beam sizes, so you can easily customize an installation to meet your exact needs.

Long Goods - Longspan Shelving

  • Medium & Longspan bays combine for efficient storage
  • Easily configurable for various applications
  • Steel shelf panels available for the full range of frame widths and beam depths
  • Supports bay loads up to 4500kg
  • Supports shelf loads ranging from 400kg to 900kg per level

Dexion Longspan shelving has been designed and tested in accordance with the recommendations of the “Federation Europeenne de la Manutention” (FEM) Shelving Design Code 10.2.06