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If you operate an automotive workshop, you have to hold a wide range of spares while ensuring everything is stored safely and efficiently, yet easily accessible. Our experience, knowledge and variety of products can create a solution that fully supports your business!

From exhaust pipes to fragile windscreens – the various shapes and sizes of automotive parts make automotive storage a special challenge. Our automotive workshop solutions are based on our Hi280 shelving system, which integrates various storage accessories for different components into a single storage system.

  • A full range of specialized automotive accessories
  • Fully compatible with our standard systems for variability and scalability
  • A customer-oriented approach to finding the best solution for you

Workshops & Garages

Balancing between the storage of spare parts and providing adequate repair space, can be difficult. We understand you need storage solutions that guarantee the speed, flexibility and security of every component you supply.

Our wide range of solutions helps exploit the available space to the fullest, providing support for your operations whilst meeting customer demands:

  • Storage for all your awkward and odd-shaped parts
  • Dense storage for differently-sized articles
  • Multi-tier storage available to maximize space
  • Secure and efficient storage for all your tools

Automotive Manufacturers

Our shelving range can be tailored to meet even the most unusual storage requirements. Equipped with our specially-designed Automotive accessories, our solutions are able to meet the daily challenges faced by manufacturers and component suppliers, and include:

  • Storage machines to significantly boost business – improving component picking efficiency by over 60% and saving up to 70% of existing floor space
  • Pallet racking as an optimal storage solution – maximizing the height, width and depth of a storage area, and suitable for storing heavy or bulky items requiring the usage of a forklift for picking
  • Mobile pallet racking to considerably increase storage capacity – P90 Pallet Racking mounted on mobile bases that move electronically to create an access aisle for picking