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Proven storage solutions for Handelsonderneming Bakker’s cleaning products

Handelsonderneming Bakker, The Netherlands

Case study overview

Name: Handelsonderneming Bakker
Location: Nieuw-Vennep, Holland
Products: Drive-in racking

Drive-in RackingBusiness need

Handelsonderneming Bakker is a Dutch business with a long and successful history in providing cleaning products and their component chemicals.

Having worked with Dexion successfully in designing and installing storage systems for related requirements, the company approached Dexion again – this time for help providing storage racking for a new building with a sloping, liquid-proof floor.

The challenge was to keep the floor fully impermeable to liquids once the racks had been secured into it. The gradient of the warehouse floor also had to be taken into account.

Dexion solution

Drive-in Racking

Based on Handelsonderneming Bakker’s positive previous experience with Dexion’s entry and pallet rack systems, the solution for this project adopted similar specification.

And to manage the sloping floor, entry positions were adjusted in height with footplates to ensure safety and ease of use.

The entry runs are ideal for bulk storage of non-perishable goods, and because the racks are placed against the wall, the solution only requires one aisle for entry and exit via the loading ramps.

To maintain the strict liquid-proof specification of the flooring, Dexion provided and installed specialist rubber mats and footplates to prevent corrosive or caustic liquids entering and damaging the floor under its seal.

Drive-in Racking

The drive-in racks come equipped with protectors, while pallet stops and corner profiles fixed to the floor at each level prevent pallets from sliding out of place. Meanwhile, Dexion has added security to a part of the new warehouse dedicated to the storage of potentially dangerous liquids.

The result

"I am very grateful for Dexion’s knowledge and expertise, and their great communication and willingness to collaborate and secure the best solution for us. Dexion provides and installs solid, strong and dependable materials and solutions, and their costs and approaches are always agreeable and transparent.” - Lex Bakker, Director

About Handelsonderneming Bakker

The business, based in northern Holland, has an entrepreneurial spirit that reaches back decades.