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How to maximize storage space and picking flexibility for your e-commerce business

E-Commerce Retailer, Oshawa, Canada

Customer: Manufacturer and distributor of furniture & household goods
City: Oshawa, Ontario
Products delivered: Pallet Racking

With online shopping demands continuously increasing during the global pandemic, e-commerce is seeing a period of unprecedented growth. However, demand can create capacity issues and with increasing competition, margin pressure, and a growing number of returns, it requires solutions that maximize efficiency, productivity and space optimization

Scalable solutions that improve speed, capacity and accuracy allow Dexion customers to meet their demands and avoid the need to build extensions, new facilities, or outsource and are designed for future sustainable maintenance initiatives.

Teardrop rackingTeardrop racking allows for flexible storage options

Our customer, an importer and distributor of modular furniture, outdoor furniture and other home goods faced the same challenges. With over 428,000 square feet of storage space, we had to strategically optimize the space to accommodate growth, changing inventory, and manage daily deliveries of bulky and varying sizes of product. 

As an industrial steel supplier of high-quality material handling systems, we analyzed our customer’s operations and selected the best combination of storage systems, retrieval and order fulfillment MHE technology to address their storage space challenge; while optimizing SKU change flexibility. From the design concept to the commissioning process, we helped our customer achieve their space optimization goals with an aggressive build schedule.

Modular teardrop racking systems are the most popular racking systems in North America

Specifically, we integrated a narrow aisle storage system utilizing a 2.28m clear aisle and a WMS system for optimal picking travel paths with 100% SKU selectivity

Teardrop racking systemTeardrop-shaped slots allow for stability and safety

By choosing a high-quality modular teardrop racking system with 2” beam adjustability, flexibility with respect to slotting is maximized. The system’s modular design allows for parts to be replaced at the component level, which means uptime is optimized and loss-of-pallet locations due to future damaged components is minimized.

The overall project buildout sequence allowed the customer to marshall and store product faster, resulting in the facility being able to serve its customers as quickly as possible.

Teardrop racking systemTeardrop pallet racking systems are versatile and adjustable without special tools or expertise

We work with our customers through the complete lifecycle of their storage needs, from initial planning through to installation and ongoing service and support. Dexion is committed to developing storage solutions that help our customers work quicker and more efficiently while becoming more profitable. For this project, we provide our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, project management, permit application filing and post-project services. 

Can Dexion North America help you with your storage space issues?