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Storing your tires in the most efficient way possible is about maximizing your use of space without affecting the quality of the tires. Here you'll find tailor-made solutions regardless of the height, depth and width available.

Maybe you're a local independent tire outlet using small shelving systems, or an international manufacturer requiring a high-rise rack installation.

Whatever your size and tire storage requirements, we can ensure everything is the perfect fit, with a range of options available, including:

  • Vertical tire storage
  • Horizontal tire storage
  • Mobile tire storage

Vertical Tire Storage

Vertical Tyre Storage

Hi280 Shelving

Tires stored vertically provide you with higher storage density and free up your floor space.

Have a smaller warehouse with manual handling? Hi280 Shelving is ideal. With spans of up to 2 metres, the tire racks can be very effective in small spaces.

  • Uprights and shelves made from high-grade, pre-galvanized steel
  • Easily assembled in multiple ways.
  • Easy manual handling
  • Efficiency in small-scale installations

Longspan Shelving

Longer shelf spans, fewer uprights, and the possibility of double-deep tire storage. The Longspan system is designed to store more s in the same space, adapting and expanding to your changing requirements.

  • Increased storage density
  • Solid, stable design for both rimmed and standalone tires
  • Multi-tier possibility

Horizontal tire Storage

Horizontal Tyre StorageP90 tire Rack

Designed for larger volume tire storage horizontally in warehouses, using forklift trucks, its modular design means the storage space can be fully utilized.

Allowing your teams to benefit from easy handling, storage and retrieval of all tires for any one vehicle.

  • Compact storage
  • Fast access
  • Scalable for very large installations - easily single or double depth racks
  • Versatile system available in heights up to 30 metres
  • Various depths and widths
  • Mountable on mobile (MOVO) bases to optimize existing space

Mobile tire Storage

Mobile Tyre StorageMobile tire racks significantly increase your storage space and are ideal when floor space is limited or rates per m2 are high.

  • Electronic or manual-drive systems
  • Compact storage
  • Fast access
  • Variable control options
  • State-of-the-art sensor technology guaranteeing absolute safety
  • Scalable for very large installations

Both Hi280 and P90 can be converted to mobile:

  • Mobile Hi280 shelving system - Mountable on top of your existing floor for an easy, cost-efficient option.
  • Mobile P90 Racking System (MOVO) - Electronically controlled, heavy-duty mobile racking system running on embedded rails, with bay loads of up to 24 tons, and racking heights up to 12 metres.