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Tube Rail

Tube Rail

This part can be used as clothes rail, or in pairs to support tyres etc. Items can be hung from the rail by using hooks.

This is a steel tube with flattened ends bent over to locate over the tube rail supports. The load capacity of a single rail is 60 kg.

Size: Lengths available: 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1290 mm and 1500 mm
Material: Steel tube 32x2 mm
Finish: galvanized

Additional accessories

Tube Rail Support

These supports clip into the hooks on the upright web, and support either end of the tube rail. The support is provided with recesses for exact placement of the rails. A pair of supports will accommodate either one or two tubes.

S-Hook and S-Hook 90

Used to hang lightweight items from a tube rail.

The differences between the 2 items are: S-Hook is 130 mm long while S-Hook 90 has 120 mm in length and the folded parts positioned at an angle of 90°.