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Substantial Expansion for Dexion Romania’s Production and Development Facility

Dexion Romania, a subsidiary of Gonvarri Material Handling (GMH) and one of the group’s main pallet racking production, product development and engineering sites in Europe, is set to expand to create a launchpad for new products. The development and manufacturing hub is expanding by more than 35%, growing to 13700m2.

Rasnov Dexion FactoryDexion Romania has been based at Rasnov for 15 years and is a key employer in the area, employing over 400 highly skilled staff. With the recent investments made in state-of-the-art equipment and streamlining of manufacturing processes, Dexion Romania is increasing supply to the European, North American, Middle East and Asia markets.

The expansion of the facility will further reinforce the high standards and increase output to meet higher customer demands, as well as creating the space to develop and test new products to add to Dexion’s already comprehensive product portfolio.

Rasnov Dexion FactoryThe expansion comes against a backdrop of increased demand for warehousing and the associated equipment, fuelled by the rise of online shopping and home delivery, which itself has grown even more sharply during the pandemic.

With businesses looking to increase efficiency and diversify the usage of warehousing space (including vertical farming or cold storage), our traditional, automation and semi automation solutions are increasingly chosen as productive, cost effective and high-quality solutions.

Experts predict some 8.6 million m² of additional warehousing will be needed across Europe between 2021 and 2025, putting additional pressure on the demand for warehouse storage solutions.

Rasnov Dexion Factory“We are delighted to announce the expansion of our manufacturing facility at Rasnov,” said Sergio Rodriguez, CEO of GMH. “The need to expand reflects the increase in demand from our ever-growing customer base. We also plan to use the facility to develop and launch new products, which will keep us at the forefront of the design and manufacture of warehouse storage solutions.”

Brian Howson, Managing Director of Dexion Romania, added: “Our Rasnov site is in a great location and is one of our premier manufacturing facilities in Europe. By choosing to expand here, we are demonstrating our commitment to the region.”

Rasnov Dexion FactoryGonvarri Material Handling is a world leading provider of industrial storage systems, from racking and shelving to complete warehouse solutions, with a presence throughout Europe and a worldwide distribution network.

For more information about Dexion Romania’s expansion, or about pallet racking, shelving and warehousing storage solutions please get in touch.

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