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Cold storage demand is growing

Consumer demand for perishable products is at an all-time high, fuelling the unprecedented growth of the cold storage market. This has created a great opportunity for those in all aspects of the cold storage industry.

dexion cold storage pallet racking

Why is the cold storage market rapidly increasing?

There are a number of reasons for the increase in this market and for the increase in the demand for perishable products. 

Consumer awareness for elimination of food waste is increasing as the cost of food is rising and food waste becomes a more relevant topic. Throwing out food is no longer a viable option for consumers.

With disposable incomes increasing in many countries, more citizens are able to access perishable foods, increasing the demand for cold storage. Along with this, these consumers want food that is not able to be grown locally, so importation is the reality, again increasing the need for cold storage along the importation routes. Temperature control is needed in the country of origin, along the shipping route and in the country where they are shipped.

Since the pandemic, there is an increase of people who are eating at home. This is fueling the need for cold storage with at-home chefs wanting fresh and perishable ingredients.

Dexion are experts in cold storage

Continued growth is predicted for the cold storage industry, providing vast opportunities for investors. Dexion can help with your cold storage needs, providing temperature-controlled storage and automation solutions for your warehouse. We have worked with many food producers to provide one-stop solutions that incorporate first-in, first-out (FIFO) designs, racking that can handle cold temperatures and automation to help with the picking that humans do not want to do in cold environments.

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