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Dexion’s rack accessories - The perfect solution to support warehouse safety and social distancing

Health, safety and security in your storage and production areas

Safety Accessories InitiativeMaking sure your warehouse complies with the latest legislation in warehouse safety and pandemic protection is critical to smooth operations and team safety.

Dexion’s vast range of accessories can protect the racking and walls from collision with forklift trucks but can also serve as simple warehouse dividing tool, that can easily mark access and traffic routes, helping enforce social distancing measures in these troubled times.

Our safety accessories include tubular barriers, frame protectors, column and corner guards with or without foam padding, metal bollards, safety steel mesh panels, safety barriers, snap-on hard plastic upright protectors.

Safety Accessories InitiativeDexion’s custom-designed systems come with a wide selection of safety and security accessories to complement and further customise your facility's set-up – whether you're looking for additional protection for your uprights and frames, for guarding your racking and goods against impact from forklifts or for ensuring orderly access, segregation and circulation of workers in your warehouse.

Our systems are manufactured to highest quality and designed to stand the test of time, even in the most intense of operating environments. They are made of quality steel which is either pregalvanized or powder-coated in bright, visible colours or made of strong and flexible state-of-the-art plastic compounds.

Dexion’s special Warehouse safety guards and protectors can also be customized for your specific needs using our own design team supported by a testing lab and a dedicated manufacturing team with skilled workers and state-of-the-art steel fabrication machines.

Safety Accessories InitiativeOur range of safety accessories, designed to complement and further customise an existing set-up, mean you have the assurance that your operatives are safe, keep the proper designated routes and that you comply with all necessary regulations and social distancing measures.

With our ongoing support, guidance, safety inspections and comprehensive audits, you're always ready with what the industry throws at you – without ever having to compromise on the strength, stability and integrity of the solutions you have installed, or on the health & safety of your teams.

Additionally, an intelligent setup of the safety accessory components can provide a strong, professional and secure way of separating access routes and ensuring social distancing in the pandemic and can be reverted to other warehouse safety and organization functions in the future.

Discover more about our safety accesories here.

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