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At Dexion North America, we’re not farmers, but we are experts at designing, engineering and manufacturing storage solutions that optimize the use of available space – the perfect partner for vertical farming enterprises.

Vertical FarmingWhere traditional cultivation takes place outside in fields or greenhouses, usually on one level, vertical farming moves the process indoors and uses multiple levels, going upwards and taking advantage of height – something GMH has perfected over countless years of experience in utilizing warehousing space for various industrial applications.

Our increasing involvement in this critical sector is a testament to our expertise in design, structural engineering and industrial production. In helping our farming partners to realize their ambitions.

Vertical FarmingOur technology enables us to provide flexible and efficient solutions – from designing in 3D CAD to Finite Element Analysis and structural testing, we ensure our products are robust and durable enough for years to come. Our production suite can further refine our products with roll forming, laser cutting, CNC machining and bending and robot welding.

These solutions must be fully fit for purpose, such as being able to contain the plants and the non-soil medium they grow in, resistance to corrosion and so on. They also need to make use of the height of the building by adopting a tiered structure, which may need to rotate.

Our versatile range, including automation and semi-automation, can be adapted to any indoor environment and to any space, so even smaller units can be repurposed.

AVFProud members of AVF

We are proud to be members of the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) - the leading global, non-profit organization enabling international exchange and cooperation with the aim of accelerating the development of this area.

We are committed to the concept of vertical farming and the advantages it brings. We have a worldwide presence, with manufacturing facilities strategically located in key markets. Therefore, we can work with AVF in its projects globally.

As a member of AVF, we’re supporting its campaign to promote science and research into vertical farming, as well as its education and charitable programmes to encourage more widespread take-up.
If you are in the vertical farming sector, or are about to set up an operation, and would like to talk to us about innovative storage solutions, please get in touch.