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Rack-Supported Warehouse Buildings

Rack-supported buildings offer unprecedented levels of storage density, allowing you to scale new heights and make the most of your site footprint.

In rack-supported buildings, the skeleton is made entirely from racking components, which are then wrapped in roofing and cladding to complete the overall building.

A high-density rack-supported structure is the perfect way to maximize the return on investment from your new warehouse build.

Why Rack-Supported?

  • Maximize ROI
  • Maximize storage capacity
  • Increase availability of goods
  • Minimize throughput times
  • Minimize picking errors

Rack-supported Building Features:

  • Complete design flexibility, from load capacity and building height, to cycle times and temperature control
  • Perfect for pallets or boxes
  • Full suite of automation solutions to enable fast, efficient flow of materials.
  • Compliant with all applicable seismic, safety and building code requirements
  • Comprehensive support services, including design, manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance

Automation Baked-In

Our rack-supported structures are supported by a number of automation features to ensure fast, efficient flow of materials, no matter what you are storing and moving.  These can include: 

  • Crane-Racking: Fully automated storage and retrieval systems, ideal for storing pallets and large items.
  • Mini Load Systems:  Dynamic, ergonomic automated solution for the retrieval of small parts. 

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