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Teardrop Pallet Racking is the most popular racking system in North America as it provides versatility, exceptional strength, safety and great ease of use.

With an inverted teardrop slot design, Teardrop Pallet Racking systems allow for more stability and safety as the load they bear gets heavier. Round pins are inserted into the teardrop slot and automatically lock in place in the narrow part of the teardrop, making it impossible for the pin to slip out. 

The racks are adjustable without special tools or expertise, so they are very easy to disassemble when your warehousing needs change.

Depth: 900mm / 1066mm (42") / 1100mm/ 1220mm/ 1500mm

Length: 1200mm – 5000mm

Height: 2440mm – 30000mm

Load (per Level): up to 5000kg

Load (per bay): up to 30000kg

Uprights: pre-galvanised or painted

Beams: pre-galvanised or painted

Accessories: pre-galvanised or painted