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Wooden Decking

Wooden Decking

Slatted softwood timber panels placed over the pallet racking beams to support small goods, damaged or undersized pallets.

Wooden Decks consist of transverse slats nailed to longitudinal battens. The longitudinal battens drop in between the pallet rack beams and prevent the wooden decks from moving out of position.

The transverse slats create a level storage surface for goods over the beams.

Wooden Decking is available in a number of styles, including:

  • Open – Where the wooden slats are fixed to the longitudinal battens with spaces between them.
  • Closed – Where the wooden slats are fixed to the longitudinal battens with no spaces between them.

These styles are available in rough-cut (an unfinished wooden surface) and planed all round (a smooth wooden surface).

Wooden decking provides superior load characteristics over chipboard decking.

Wooden decking can be utilized for:

  • Supporting damaged pallets (pallets must also be over the beams to prevent point loads).
  • Supporting boxed goods
  • Creating picking levels within standard pallet racking
  • Tunnel Guards to prevent goods from falling onto operators and handling equipment.
  • Providing a “soft” storage surface for press tools or other equipment that could be damaged by storing on a metal surface.

Wooden decking is suitable for both loading by hand or by warehouse handling equipment such as forklift trucks.

It can also be supplied treated for use in high humidity or external applications.

The product is designed to suit your specific loads and application.