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Need to Store Long, Heavy Products? Here’s How...

At the heart of a warehouse management system is understanding the demands of the products that must be stored and investing in equipment to meet these needs while optimising warehouse capacity.

Mobile CantileverThis challenge is never more acute than when it comes to storing long, heavy items. Bulky, weighty and non-conformist, it would be all too easy to undermine a successful warehouse management system by not giving due consideration to how to store these items.

However, there is a range of specialist warehouse equipment available which not only stores long and heavy goods, but enables maximum storage capacity while ensuring easy access in and out of the storage area, improved inventory management and leading to higher productivity.

Cantilever racking and storage

Medium Duty CantileverOne answer is cantilever racking. Supported at one end and extending horizontally, cantilever racking offers the versatility needed to store long, heavy or bulky items.

This is a popular choice and for good reason. It is versatile, being able to carry a range of lengths of items, weights and bulk.

It can also offer storage density, maximising the available space. It’s a proven, safe solution, and has the added benefit of being suitable for both inside and outside environments.

Its main attribute is accessibility. Because the frontage is completely open, forklifts can easily access the goods stored, both to stack and to retrieve.

Finally, it is hard-wearing and offers a cost-effective solution, which can be customised to suit your warehouse environment, as it comes in a wide range of specs.

Heavy Duty CantileverFor long and heavy items

Are you storing long, heavy items, such as pipes or timber? The solution here is heavy duty cantilever racking.

A versatile, modular system, it is ideal for long, heavy goods and – as it is cantilevered – completely accessible for a forklift to store and remove the items.

For long and lighter items

Not all long goods are heavy, but they are still awkward to store so present an equal challenge. For items that are long, but can be lifted manually, the light/medium duty cantilever racking is an ideal solution. Easily accessible by pickers and forklifts, they offer a high density storage option.

Space saving

Mobile cantilever racking allows for optimum use of the footprint of a warehouse. The racks are moveable, which allows for increased density, and – as cantilevered – they are ideal for storing heavy, long and bulky items.

Again, with no obstructions at the front they are completely accessible for forklifts, and, as they are designed to roll, only one aisle needs to be open at a time.

Higher density

TELEKANTAnother option is the telescopic cantilever racks (TELEKANT). This is static to the floor, but can crank in and out the goods being stored along the racking. This allows for greater density of storage, optimising capacity.

Since the rack is based on the design of the classical cantilever rack, it retains all its advantages, but also offers more storage options, thanks to telescopic shelf brackets with extendable storage levels.

Due to the ability to service the cantilever rack with a crane, up to 80 percent of the current handling area can be changed into a productive area. This type of racks can be installed in less accessible places or in close proximity to machinery that processes the stored material.

Also, the level of safety as well as speed and comfort when handling the profiles by crane is substantially higher.

Other storage solutions for long, heavy products

A-rackCantilever racking isn’t the only solution in the warehouse manager’s armoury.

Another option is A-racking, so called because the construction on the side is in the shape of the capital letter A.

A-racking is ideal for awkward items such as wooden boards, slats or strips, which can then be safely and carefully stored vertically within the A-racks.

There is also the added advantage that adjacent A-racking means storage is possible on both sides, so maximising density. They are also very flexible, as the spacing can be adjusted to accommodate the thickness and number of items needing to be stored. The supporting horizontal beams are also adjustable, so you can store items at the desired height.

Ends can be enclosed to prevent damage to the goods, and a wooden backing can also be added.

RollrackFor storing long items, Rollrack is an ideal solution. Looking a little like bees’ honeycomb, items can be stored individually within each cell. This enables speedy and simple access, without having to disturb the other items. It also allows for high density storage.

It’s clear that for every potentially problematic bulky, heavy or long item that needs warehousing there is a perfect solution - whether that is cantilever racking, A-racking, rollracking or a combination of all three. The aim is to maximise storage capacity, productivity and inventory control, and these solutions meet this aim.

To talk to the team about solutions for storing long, heavy or bulky items please get in touch.

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